Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Summary of Two Story Stories

Which story would you rather read?

Story #1:

   Children see time differently than adults. A minute feels like five. An hour feels like and eternity. When they grow up that feeling goes away. But why?
   Twelve-year-old Nathan and the other children in his small town, known as the Second Seers, are feared. Adults fear the children are possessed by the devil. Second Seers can feel the time around them and can predict the actions of others.
   But the adults don't understand. They can't remember that all children have this ability until they come of age. So, they put the children on trial. Will they bet sentenced to death?

Story #2

   Julianna lives in a frozen world. Where all species of animal are extinct. She has never seen one, but she's read all about them. She also owns an Anichanical*. A man invented mechanical animals to help serve humankind. Though Julianna loves her Anichanical grizzly bear, she still wishes for some way to return real animals to the world. And one day, her dream has the possibility to be realized.

*subject to change