Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sad, Brown Eyes: Available on Amazon

   I finally did it! After years of debating I finally decided to self-publish one of my stories. My novella first appeared on my blog. I love my story and thought it would be the perfect book to introduce to readers on the big stage. With the help of a talented artist, Janet Dado, my book got a fancy cover and made its way to Amazon! I can't believe it! My mouse hovered over the "publish" button for a few seconds. I wanted to turn back. What if no one liked it? What if no one even read it? What if it got a thousand bad reviews? That would tear me up inside. I couldn't go though with it.


   I felt every emotion as my book appeared on Amazon. Now all I can do is hope people enjoy the entertainment I've provided them. I took and chance. We'll see where it leads.