Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blue Bonnet Distraction

   While I wait for word on an agent as well as writing a new novel and short story, I had the opportunity to have a nice evening with one of my good friends. She's even inspired my new female character in my new short story. She had the idea to go out and take some pictures. Being Texas, they had to be blue bonnet pictures. So at sunset, she and I did just that.
   Stepping away from my work was just what I needed. I was having doubts about my new novel. I wondered if it sounded like every other book out in stores now. With every sentence I felt more and more lousy. I loved my story and the characters but I hated the idea that readers would find it redundant. However, after having time to talk with my friend, telling her about it, she lifted my spirit. For all I know she was just being a good friend, but sometimes a little nudge in the right direction is all you need to get back into it. The next morning I was BACK! I wrote a new scene and adored every bit of it.
   It is nearly impossible to write a story that's never been done before. Love triangles, dystopian cities, dragons, the school bully, a tragic past... it has all been done. It is up to the writer to make it their own. Take those classic ideas and run with them. Make the reader say, "Wow! That's new!" Bring new tears to old ideas. If you have your doubts, go "take blue bonnet pictures". You can do it.
   Thank you to my friend for helping me and inspiring me. I hope I (and Rachael) can make you proud.

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