Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Character Interview: Jordon Piers of Fitzgerald

Sarita C. Day: Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Quick note. As you can tell, my name has changed because... well... I got married a year ago. I decided to use my new name instead in place of Waldorf. So that explains the change. Now, on to the real reason for this post. I'm here to interview a special character from the book I am currently trying to publish. He is the one... the only... Jordon Piers!

Jordon Piers: Hi, Sarita. Thanks for having me.

Sarita C. Day: You are the star right now. The leading man. Are you ready to have your story put out there?

Jordon Piers: To be honest, I'm kinda worried. I've never been the type who love the center of attention.

Sarita C. Day: It must be hard when so many people-- girls-- want your attention.

Jordon Piers: *Goes quiet* Yeah. It's tough.

Sarita C. Day: What's your opinion of the Closet Within the Closet?

Jordon Piers: It's strange. It's scary. It's beautiful. Without the Closet Queen it wouldn't be so horrible.

Sarita C. Day: Is she really that bad?"

Jordon Piers: Imagine a snake, a scorpion, and a spider. Okay, now, pick which one you find the scariest. You have it?

Sarita C. Day: Yes.

Joron Piers: The Closet Queen is all of them combined.

Sarita C. Day. So, she's really that bad.

Jordon Piers: That's what I'm saying.

Sarita C. Day: Gotcha. Let's move on to something less... horrifying. So, I notice that you spell your name differently than most boys with your name. What's the story behind that?

Jordon Piers: Uhg! Yeah, that's annoying with spell check. *laughs* My dad's name is Gordon so he and my mom thought spelling my name with an extra "O" would be a nice connection or something. So I'm J-O-R-D-O-N.

Sarita C. Day: There are parents who spell their kids names with worse spellings.

Jordon Piers: I guess my name could've been spelled G-O-R-R-D-D-O-O-A-N-7-8-9.

Sarita C. Day: *Laughs* Oh yes! That's how it should always be spelled! So, you've lived all over the world. Where would you say was the best city you've lived?

Jordon Piers: That's hard. Top three would be Istanbul, Chicago, and Sydney. Istanbul is by far the prettiest city I've ever seen.

Sarita C. Day: I'd love to travel. I'll put Istanbul on the list. Ah, well, our time is up. My last question to you is... what is your favorite color?

Jordon Piers: Red or purple. I go back and forth a lot. Red is powerful and purple is royal. I love them both.

Sarita C. Day: Thank you so much, Jordon. I look forward to seeing your book in stores.

Jordon Piers: That's the dream. Thank you, Sarita.

I hope to find the right agent to represent me and Jordon soon and that my readers can step into the Closet Within the Closet. Be on the lookout for more new of my journey of publishing "Fitzgerald".

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