Monday, October 20, 2014

Texas Teen Book Festival 2014

   This year I was able to attend the Teen Texas Book Festival, formally known as the Austin Teen Book Festival. I went alone so I expected to remain quiet and shy for most of the day. However, I found myself talking with quiet a few people. I was able to open up to readers and writers about all things bookish. Being in a room with people who love what I love was a breath of fresh air.
   I must be honest... that my main goal of the day was to meet James Dashner. For those of you who know me or read my blog posts you know that I am a HUGE DashNERD!!! I showed up early to buy his book, The Rule of Thoughts, and too hear him speak and sign my books. It went better than I could have hoped. I saw at one point at the start of the day that many Dashner fans were asking him for pictures. I'm not the type to go up to strangers and ask for things, but I took a deep breath and asked for a picture. He, of course, was very kind about it and I got my picture. Taking the opportunity, I told him how much I enjoyed his writing. He was beaming, especially since I talked about a book of his other than the famous The Maze Runner.
   Fast forward eight hours, I made it to the front of the extremely long line for him to sign my books and he looked at me and said, “I met you already, right?”

   You can imagine how thrilled I was that he remembered me. ME! Out of 4,000 plus people. I walked away from that place with my head held high, trying not to grin like a mad woman. He pretty much made my entire LIFE!

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