Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Character Interview: Rachael Knowles

Sarita C. Waldorf: What's up everybody? Welcome back to my blog. I am super excited because today I have the honor of introducing a character I haven't yet published. She will one day be in a novel/short story that I am SUPER excited to start. With all my current projects she is just waiting in the wings, but I just HAD to give you all a taste of her. I introduce to you... Rachael Knowles!
Rachael: Hi. It's nice being here.
Sarita C. Waldorf: It's great to finally introduce you to my readers.
Rachael: Well I am amazing so... you're welcome.
Sarita C. Waldorf: You are amazing. I just think you are so funny.
Rachael: That is my place in the wolf pack.
Sarita C. Waldorf: Well I have some questions for you, are you ready?
Rachael: Bring it on!
Sarita C. Waldorf: Well this story has a lot of music in it. Bands and music festivals... What's your favorite type of music?
Rachael: I mean...if I could get in a time machine and go back to when listening to 70s/80s music was cool, I would.
Sarita C. Waldorf: Oh man, I love the 80's. I was born in 1989 so I just made it! The 80's rule. Okay, speaking of music festivals, there is one near where you live, in London. Do you like living in a high tourist location especially when something like a festival draws in large crowds?
Rachael: It's great! Except for all the high tourism. *Laughs* No, I don't mind too much. I don't go into London too often anyway. I'm more focused on university but when I do go into the city I ignore all them extra bodies.
Sarita C. Waldorf: What are you studying in school?
Rachael: I study Economics/Business and being a popstar. Half of that is true.
Sarita C. Waldorf: Which half?
Rachael: Guess you'll have to figure that out.
Sarita C. Waldorf: I guess so. I bet you're secretly doing all of the above.
Rachael: You got me. I'm a genius!
Sarita C. Waldorf: How do you get to school? And, what's your dream car?
Rachael: I use the train mostly. And sometimes a cab. Oh, I would love a car. Every time I tell someone what my favorite car is they think I'm lame. But, I drool every time I see a Dodge Challenger or a Chrysler 300. YouTube "Breaking Bad car scene." That scene had me screaming "OH MY GOD! MY CARS!"
Sarita C. Waldorf: I'll have to do that. I'm probably the only person in the world that hasn't seen Breaking Bad. I'm sure that your taste in cars and shows make all the guys love you. When you see a cute guy how do you react?
Rachael: It's important to get their attention, so I always like to just punch them in the face.... I'm kidding! Sort of.
Sarita C. Waldorf: You don't like men?
Rachael: Oh I love them! I sometimes feel like I'm one of the guys. I'm not in a relationship at the moment. Maybe that'll change someday.
Sarita C. Waldorf: Are you the leader of your friends?
Rachael: I wish. Bow down to your Everlasting Leader!
*Both Laugh*
Sarita C. Waldorf: Oh man I just love you, Rachael. You always make me laugh. You are so confidant.
Rachael: Eh, that depends on who I'm with or the situation. I'm confident when I should be! Otherwise, you can find me under my rock.
Sarita C. Waldorf: Good to know. I'll have to find your rock and bedazzle it.
Rachael: That sounds freakin' AMAZING! Let's do it!
Sarita C. Waldorf: Okay, okay, okay, I hate to have to end this but our time is almost up. But I always have to end my interviews with one important question.... What is your favorite color?
Rachael: RED! No doubt. Red all the way.
Sarita C. Waldorf: I'm glad I asked. *Laughs* Thank you so much, Rachael. I can't wait for my readers to learn more about you and one day read your story.
Rachael: This was fun. I enjoyed this, Sarita. Now let's go bedazzle that rock!
Sarita C. Waldorf: Right on. Thank you to my readers! I hope you enjoyed this interview and love Rachael Knowles as much as I do.

This character, Rachael Knowles is inspired largely by one of my real life best friends... Rachael Knowles! She is truly funny and such a light. I love that she's letting me use some of her wit to help bring my fictional Rachael to life. I love you, Rachael!!!

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