Sunday, February 8, 2015

Character Interview: Juliana Russo of Sad, Brown Eyes

Sarita C. Waldorf: I have some very exciting news! Today I have a special guest interview. I'm pleased to introduce, straight from New Tuscany, Juliana Russo! How are you today, Juliana?

Juliana: I'm great, Sarita. Thanks for having me.

Sarita C. Waldorf: I'm happy you're here. Did you know that you're my first character interview on my blog?

Juliana: Really? I'm honored. Thank you.

Sarita C. Waldorf: Pleasures all mine. I'm excited for my readers to get to know you a little better. So, let's get down to it. First off, how do you pronounce your name?

Juliana: I get this a lot when people read my name. It's Juli-aa-naa.

Sarita C. Waldorf: Beautiful name. I love it. So you live in a world that's completely frozen. Snow all the time. How is it living in such a frozen world?

Juliana: To be honest I don't have an answer. That's all I know. To live in a warm world seems so bizarre.

Sarita C. Waldorf: I can understand that. I'm from Texas so snow is practically foreign to me. Okay the, can you tell me what its like living alongside mechanical animals?

Juliana: The Anichanicals are great! They are quite expensive, though. My father gave me mine for my eighth birthday. I could hardly believe it. When I say they are expensive I mean they are expensive. My father was a wealthy man but... they are expensive.

Sarita C. Waldorf: *laughs* I'm guessing they are expensive. *both share laughter* Tell me more about your parents. What is your relationship with them?

Juliana: My parents disappeared when I was young. I still don't have a clue as to what happened to them. But I loved them. They never told me I could not do something. I loved history and the idea of animals... can you imagine a world with living animals? It is mind boggling. Most kids didn't think twice about them but I did and my parents were proud of my wonder. My father gave me books. Tons of books. I love books.

Sarita C. Waldorf: We share that interest.

Juliana: That's great. Books are my entire life. Books about anything, but my favorite is science. Biology. History. Okay, I don't think I have a favorite. Anyway, I am grateful to have had parents who praised my curiosity, even when it got me into trouble.

Sarita C. Waldorf: Did you even get other kids in trouble?

Juliana: Oh yes. My dear friend Nathaniel was always getting me out of trouble. Not that he didn't like helping cause the trouble.

Sarita C. Waldorf: Are you and he an item?

Juliana: Nathaniel? Oh God no. No, he's my friend. I'm not interested in anyone. My job and hobbies keep me busy.

Sarita C. Waldorf: What is something most people don't know about you?

Juliana: That I secretly write poetry.

Sarita C. Waldorf: Oh really?

Juliana: Most people know I love to study and go on adventures by myself but sometimes when everyone is asleep I like to write random words down. Most of my poems don't even rhyme. I just like putting my thoughts on paper.

Sarita C. Waldorf: That's great. I love words. They bring me peace.

Juliana: Peace and happiness. That's hard to find for me these days. I've had a good life growing up with Nathaniel and his father but it is hard not having parents. It's had not knowing what happened to them.

Sarita C. Waldorf: Have you even tried searching for them?

Juliana: I've never seen another city outside of New Tuscany. I would love to someday travel the world but it's not easy at the moment.

Sarita C. Waldorf: Where would you like to travel?

Juliana: I goodness, there are so many places. I'd say New Paris first. There are so many reasons why but, I mean, it's such a lovely city. Who couldn't want to visit New Paris?

Sarita C. Waldorf: I know I want to visit Paris. I wonder what it's like during the Freeze.

Juliana: My world and your world are very different.

Sarita C. Waldorf: True fact, Juliana. Okay, I have to wrap things up but before you go I have a very important question for you.

Juliana: I'm all ears, Sarita.

Sarita C. Waldorf: Here it is.... What is you favorite color?

Juliana: *giggles* Oh thank you for asking that. This is investigatory work. I'd say my favorite color is green. I love green probably because the world is mostly white and the idea of rolling green hills sparks something in me. Oh yes, I love green.

Sarita C. Waldorf: Thank you for being here, Juliana Russo. This has been a blast.

Juliana: I'm happy I was able to answer your questions for your readers. I love being a part of Sad, Brown Eyes.

Sarita C. Waldorf: Thank you. And thank you, readers, for tuning in and learning more about my character, Juliana. She was a joy to write and I hope you all enjoy reading her story.

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